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My goal as a criminal defense attorney is to emphasize to each client the exercise of constitutional rights. In our society, it simply is not enough to say “know your rights”. We all believe that we know our rights.

If you have been accused of criminal conduct, you are involved in a battle with the government. The prosecutor, as attorney for the government, seeks to convict you and exact a penalty. The penalty could range from loss of freedom---going to prison---to loss of property---payment of a fine--- to loss of privileges---suspension of your right to operate a motor vehicle.

To defend against a charge of criminal conduct, an individual needs the advice of legal counsel to provide advice and plan strategy. Any one accused of criminal wrongdoing has the absolute right to a trial. In a criminal matter, the accused has a Constitutional right to a trial by jury. Since every criminal defendant is presumed innocent, the prosecutor, at a jury trial, must offer evidence, and convince all twelve jurors beyond a reasonable doubt that the government has proven all elements of each criminal charge.

As your attorney, I will assess the strengths and weaknesses of the government’s case. I will explain the language of the law and its application to your circumstances. We will review your Constitutional rights, and I will advise you how to exercise your rights to fortify your defense.